Monday, September 27, 2010

i'm back !

yuan lai wo jiang jiu mei you xie blog lur O.O
wo yao xie shen me ? ==
yeah so long times didnt bac bcoz 2 exams are passed ! (:
PMR trial n UEC trial~
BYEBYE lah~~~
wakakakaakkakakaka !
we r silai n 8po gang :D
member, wchean, chengen, harley ! our aim is CHEAP ! CHEAP !! CHEAP !!! xD
OMG it's too happy when mooncake festival n after UEC trial.

mooncake festival we planned to go Jusco watch movie but we not watching at the end coz buy wrong tikets n we all rugi rm8. it's so ok~ xD
xianhue n carmen go sr, bai n pyin go chick rice shop, chengen jonny n harley pergi play.
me n member aim is CHEAP !!! marry brown sedang doing discount cards !
wooooooo rm10 for 2 ppl. it's really CHEAP !!! xD
a for carmen(acualy i forgot liao juznow luan luan think dao de coz africa ==) or kyan(avatar)
b for bernice
c for jonny(cat)
d for harley(dog) or wenwei(donkey)
e for angie(elephant)
f for katak(frog) or shuen(fish)
g for kyan(giraffe)
h for qyin(horse)
i for waikit(india) hahahahahahaha
l for shermaine(lenglui) xD
m for kyan oso(avatar is monster) xD
o for xuewen(owl)
i think dun hv liao~
me n member think de x)
our class is ZOO ! :D
then we go play hockey n other other games~ ^^
very fun ><
we bought tanglong n go paobing, took many photos ^^

after UEC trial~!!!
me, member, chengen, wchean n harley go mutiara keng gai !!!
we keng so many things n noe many (:
it's a happy n wonderful "trip" but we so wet coz it's rain so heavy xD

recently we playing a game - LETTER WRITING !!! <3
very popular in our class now ^^
acualy is chengen write for me 1st d lor x)
then i replied him 2 full pgs a4 paper xD
wrote for many ppl oso (:

ytd went Jusco wif member n we keng many (:
thanks member ^^
hahahahaha we two oso scare a same thing xD
think too much =.=
we go MARRY BROWN again !!!
tis time 1 ppl two chickens n nicer than last time coz got zap xD
2 ppl rm20 acualy CHEAP oso lor x)
then chengen come n we go supermarket ^^
member come my house n we discuss le graduate tour de things~ :D
then she bac 11pm+ bac lur x)

we free sitting in class nowadays.
but acualy oni some ppl wan to chg n many ppl bu shuang i think ><
i think we shud quiet some =X
but reali happy we can join together, 8po gang (:
finally ^^
thankyou teacher <3


pls b happy n Jiayou all my friends.


  1. long long long long post! (:
    shermaine jia you!! xD

  2. haha...ehh..i almost forgot all the things u say leh..==...>< y macam ini 1..
    ehh !! u took my fqavourite's song..T-T ewhhh~~...><
    think too much..T-T really..
    haha xD
    ok lar..^^ gambateh nia..
    hope next time we still boleh macam ni..^^

  3. why so many karyan d? haha..avatar, giraffe, monster,