Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Spent all my time with chimaekan last 3 days :) 

2013 01 26 
School carnival

 Hehe love them so much :3

七咩干大合照 :D

With the noob and love one! 

Darlingmong stick together hahaha

Four golden flowers *Ivy is on LJ head*

I love my bo so much :D

久违的导演大人! xD

The patternest!!!!

Soooo long times didn't saw him before that day!!!!!! ;D

The driest bitch! Really bitch dao yi ge point :3

Went here KWC with them! ♥ :)

Titiwangsa McDonald at night hehehe this is chiu geng li hai than bigband de macband!!!! :D

Today is a super nice day bahahahaha
But I did something noob and super duper hyper sok TT haihhh
Think le whole day think dao rude words keep come out in my mind TT
Rawr bgxwndzhszxd :)

2013 01 27
Dancing day at Cheras

Belakang sedang order domino :D

我的最爱! Play Station!!!!!!! :DDDD 打垃圾绝对是最幸福的一件事! 

They are practising! 

Today so tired but so syok! 
How good if I can dance like them :3
MacDonald again tonight at Cheras hahaha

2013 01 28
Shopping day at OneUtama

I think this really look elegant leh going to OneUtama hehe so happy :D

Walao love this dress so damn much!!!!!! :O But I didn't buy it T.T

So happy to shopping with them today!!

Act bought so much

Ahhh the most tired day is today! 
Really so so so tired leh and sien dao bao lo what also didn't buy! TT

2013 01 29
Play le half day PS2 with my cousin 
Sien because chimaekan is not here TT
So damn miss them LOL! 
Used to be with them already tim .___.

Heeee wish everyone everyday also happy nine nine :D
Woi znygdkl :)

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