Thursday, June 17, 2010


9:30am wakeup, received xiaoqian piggy de msg.
ask me to go timesquare 0.0
but luckily she tell me, if not i duno the tuition time is 10 to 1.
i tot is 2 to 5 =.=
after tuition go ts wif yeyin, xiaoqian n waikit.
then we go gasoline EAT ! :DDDDDDDDD
benlai wan go there eat n xiaoqian buy bag oni de.
how i noe they say wan go chiong k.
i didnt bring money T______________T
but i oso xiang go xDDD
after we go Johnny eat icecream then go chiong k when 4:15pm.
so late edi TT
we chiong dao too shuang almost forgot time laaaa.
SORRY donkey i not wan to ffk de.
i wan jogging de la TT
6pm we oni left the k room.
n OMG 塔电梯我跟爸爸说我在塔车=.=
but i selamat bac home xD
juz let them ngem liao 1 xia, 1 xia oni ^^

ARGHHHHHHH owe xiaoqian RM35 n yeyin RM0.80.

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