Monday, July 4, 2011

nothing true.

Hate people saying one thing and do another.
All people the same.
Saying me is how important, the last is not the same.
Are false.
How to go to believe a person?
Too insecure.
Because it cannot accommodate me.

Do not call me contentment.
Yes, I do not know.

Not my fault.
Not my fault.
Not my fault.
Therefore, I have been so deceived myself.
Do a liar that lie to myself.
Do a clown that make fun to myself.
Not my fault.

I'm sorry if I hurt you.
I can only say sorry.
Because, it's not my fault.

Oh yeah the world is beautiful.
But it's not my business.

It's telling us bye is good.

Ahaha :D

But this night is not really good.

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