Sunday, July 3, 2011

what is a friend?

So what is a friend?
So what is trust?
So what is the trust between friends?
At least, show me a little bit of trust.
In fact, I have no feeling.
But, consciousness that what is a friend mean.
This is such a good friend, ah!
Can be lost because they do not trust a friend.
Yes I said you!
Really shocked.
Since you do not cherish.
I reluctantly?
I need to restore?
I need to explain?
I do not have not tried.
But you do not believe.
So, forget it!
This is the so-called friends.
I realized, oh!
Now realized.
I have not tried not to restore.
Just you never trust it.
So let it be!

Unnecessary feel sad for some people who do not trust us, right?
Anyway, people do not care.
Even if you how sad.
So, this is friend?
Yes, before.

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